I’ve spent the week trying to revise some poems I started at the beginning of the summer.  Not having a lot of luck. I have come to the conclusion that some poems are simply not meant to work.  

In other news, I got my contributor copy of Main Street Rag where my poem “Oxymoron” appears.  I’ve always enjoyed Main Street Rag, but I especially like the press’s books and chapbook selection — I think they do a beautiful job!

Finally, after a quiet summer with rejections and acceptances, I got news from Lake Effect  that they will be publishing one of my poems in their next issue.   I’m hoping the note will end the dry spell — I have quite a few poems out and about this summer.



  1. M.J.Iuppa Said:

    Hi Karen,

    Congrats on Lake Effect and Main Street Rag. Sounds like you’re have a productive and peaceful summer.


  2. kweyant Said:

    Thanks M.J. — It’s been somewhat productive! But not very peaceful — it seems that I’m dodging a lot of rain this summer.

  3. Congratulations! I’ve tried Lake Effect a few times with no luck, great journal, good for you!

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