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And That’s the Way It Is…

The very first time that I realized I was part of a world that was bigger than my little town in Western Pennsylvania was when the Three Mile Island Accident happened outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  We lived only a few hours from this national event, and while so many other events of the 70’s seemed so far away, this accident, born out of a type of power that was supposed to be good for our country, was right in my own backyard.

So I remember penny candy and trying to wear my hair like Princess Leia did in the first Star Wars movie.  And I remember Disco steps, or at least trying to do Disco steps.  And I remember my parents being tense and worried, much like other parents were during this time period when the Rust Belt was born.

But most of all, I remember Walter Cronkite, calm and cool and reflective and almost grandfatherly-like on our little black and white television.  It was as if everything would be okay, no matter what,  if he was on the screen.

RIP Walter Cronkite