Lowering the Body at Weave

The lovely editors at Weave have posted my review of Stephen Murabito’s Lowering the Body.  Full Confession: (which I already confessed to the Weave editors) Steve was my professor when I was at Pitt-Greensburg (eons ago) and even then, I remember him working on his writing between classes, grabbing every spare minute he could to get a few words down.  And he didn’t have a lot of spare time.  At this point in his career he was teaching, running the writing center on campus, and overseeing the literary magazine. Plus, and my memory is a bit fuzzy here, I think it was while I was an undergrad that he became a father of twins! I always think of Steve when I complain about not having time to write, because he certainly made time.

I haven’t been in contact with Steve in years, but I have kept up with his writing.  Lowering the Body  is his third full length collection of poems and I think it’s his best.  However, The Oswego Fugues and The Communion of Asiago are also great reads.  All of his books are published by Star Cloud Press.


  1. Nice review, Karen — thanks for bringing Steve’s work to my attention. Some of his subject matter seems tremendously familiar to my childhood.

  2. Karen, I just realized tonight that I had never added your new site to my Google reader, so I’ve been missing all your posts. Must get caught up!

  3. Karen Weyant Said:

    Thanks Collin — although I haven’t posted much lately. WordPress should still come through on the Google reader — others haven’t had any problems between the two different types of blogs.

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