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Lowering the Body at Weave

The lovely editors at Weave have posted my review of Stephen Murabito’s Lowering the Body.  Full Confession: (which I already confessed to the Weave editors) Steve was my professor when I was at Pitt-Greensburg (eons ago) and even then, I remember him working on his writing between classes, grabbing every spare minute he could to get a few words down.  And he didn’t have a lot of spare time.  At this point in his career he was teaching, running the writing center on campus, and overseeing the literary magazine. Plus, and my memory is a bit fuzzy here, I think it was while I was an undergrad that he became a father of twins! I always think of Steve when I complain about not having time to write, because he certainly made time.

I haven’t been in contact with Steve in years, but I have kept up with his writing.  Lowering the Body  is his third full length collection of poems and I think it’s his best.  However, The Oswego Fugues and The Communion of Asiago are also great reads.  All of his books are published by Star Cloud Press.