Cigarette Break

I’m an ex-smoker.  I haven’t touched a cigarette in over 12 years.  And no, working on my manuscript isn’t that stressful — I don’t want to pick up the habit again.  But tonight, I found that the image of cigarettes, in some form or another, is showing up over and over in my poetry.  I’m working on a batch of revisions — and I’m seeing cigarettes again and again.  Sometimes, it’s in a cough, sometimes it’s in smoke, sometimes it’s in a pack of Camels.  I guess I won’t have to do a world cloud to find my most prominent image in my manuscript! 


  1. Brandi Said:

    I’m not even a smoker and I have a crazy love affair with the romance and je ne sais quoi of cigarettes! I feel your pain.

    The image/word that appears most in hard reds is “motorcycle”… what the heck? 😉

  2. Hans Said:

    Ah, I sympathize. I chewed tobacco–“dipped”–for far too many years. Have been off it a decade. All sorts of little rituals come the addiction, alas. Nice post.

  3. Dale Said:

    Perhaps R.J.Reynolds would be interested in a little product placement in your poetry. Could be lucrative.

  4. Karen Weyant Said:

    Thanks for your comments Brandi and Hans!

    Dale — good point. It may be the only way I could ever make money off my poetry.

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