Silk Road & Other Notes

I’ve been reading my contributor’s copy of Silk Road: A Journal of PlaceSilk Road is published by Pacific University Oregon and it is a beautiful publication.  I’m not just saying this because my poem appears in its pages, but more because Silk Road is dedicated to publishing work that specifically seeks to capture a sense of place.  However, I will say that my poem was joined with some excellent work including poems by Taylor Altman, Erin Elizabeth Smith, and Robert Peake.  I also really liked the nonfiction piece “The Inheritance of Apples” by Karen Babine. 

And speaking of sense of place, take a look at Justin Evan’s interview where he talks about being an editor (and where he mentions the importance of sense of place — especially in American poetry).  Then, jump on over to the online journal he edits, Hobblecreek Review, and take a look at some of the fine work that has been published.


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