CFS: A New Kind of Review for Rattle

Tim Green, Editor of Rattle, has recently issued this challenge to Rattle’s readers and reviewers: write a different kind of review.  In the new “Note on Style” listed on Rattle’s E-Review guidelines, the kind people at Rattle ask reviewers to “bring in as much of their personal experience with the text as possible.”  Rattle has plenty of books for review.  See this list. For a more complete discussion about this challenge, see Tim’s blog post for today.  And then, take up the challenge.  I know that we all have works to write, books to read, and life to live, but poetry needs all the love (and promotion) it can get.



  1. Michael Meyerhofer Said:

    Hi, Karen. I like your stuff!! Your working class poems really resonate with me, especially “Bad Air.” The poet John Guzlowski said we should be friends, and I agree. 🙂

  2. kweyant Said:

    Thanks Michael! And thanks to John for making the connection.

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