Lucky 13: A Summer Reading List

It’s that time of year again! Everyone is compiling summer reading lists.  Since I started on GoodReads, my list of to-read books has grown.  However, for those of you looking for some great reads, take a look at what I have here.  All of these books are collections I have read this year (although many were not published this year, some are brand new 2009 books!):

  1. Allegheny, Monongahela by Erinn Batykefer
  2. American Fractal by Timothy Green
  3. Cradle Song by Stacey Lynn Brown
  4. Dear Apocalypse by K.A. Hays
  5. House Where a Woman by Lori Wilson
  6. Lowering the Body by Stephen Murabito
  7. Midnight Voices by Deborah Ager
  8. Ohio Violence by Alison Stine
  9. Perpetual Care by Katie Cappello
  10. Self-Portrait with Crayon by Allison Benis White
  11. Torched Verse Ends by Steven Schroeder
  12. Two Minutes of Light by Nancy K. Pearson
  13. Zero at the Bone by Stacie Cassarino


  1. Steve S Said:

    I hope you enjoy the book. 🙂

  2. Karen Weyant Said:

    I do like your book Steve — However, because of your subject material, it’s one of the books I will have to read a few times to “get” all of the poems. That’s not a bad thing — a few of the books on this list fall into this category.

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